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Institute wide co-operation for the development project

The director of the institute prof. Bert Wolterbeek has formally initiated the ‘task force Diffractometer’ on Monday. Now that the main specs of the instrument are known (those that define the performance of the instrument), we foresee that we could for instance trade off some neutron beam intensity for a lower radiation background. Or the monochromator take-off angle could be reduced for easier accessibility:

Time for team work!

We need to iterate over several designs of the instrument as well as radiation shielding and technical solutions to choose the –over-all– best layout. This means the design engineers need to be involved in detail, together with shielding and radio-protection experts. The management board of the institute keeps an eye on progress.The first meeting of the task force will be coming Monday. A first rough Gantt chart of the planning is done and people need to have their say about it.