The PEARL neutron diffractometer is designed to study ‘powder’ samples, in the sense that it the optimisation is done for Debye-Scherrer cones of scattered neutrons, rather than looking at Bragg spots from a single crystal.

This page will describe the full specs of the instrument and standard the sample environment available. For now, the basic specification is:

  • one take-off angle:  2Θ = 150°
  • 3 wavelengths will be selectable: 1.30, 1.67 and 2.51 Å (Ge)
  • atomic d-spacings that are probed:  0.7 < d < 7 Å
  • flux estimate on the sample: 10^5 – 10^6 n/s/cm2
  • typical sample size: diameter<10mm, height=4cm
  • cryostat 10K – room temperature
  • cryomagnet <2T, 10K – room temperature (possibly up to 550K)
  • custom sample environment should be less than 70cm diameter.
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