28/11/2012: The PEARL neutron powder diffractometer is currently in the construction phase. The installation should be finished in 2013 and we foresee to invite the first “friendly users” either at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

25/03/2014: In a few weeks the first monochromator crystals should go in. So, we’re quite a bit off from the above schedule! The idea now is to extract a part of the beam out of the shielding before the summer. Detector building is progressing and we hope to have both monochromator and detector installed and operational by the end of the year 2014. So, the friendly users would be welcomed in 2015.

11/12/2014: Although we have not yet publicized about PEARL in a peer-reviewed journal, we can mention here that commissioning of the instrument is in full progress since a few months. The results sofar are very promising, so bare with us. The first experiments are still planned in the beginning of 2015.

22/04/2015: The full detector is operational now and we are taking data: next step is a publication of the PEARL performance.

22/05/2015: The first neutron data will be shown at the ECNS-2015 conference in Zaragoza, Spain!

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